Why the Need for an Owner’s Rep

  1. Scale and scope of the project is outside the capability and expertise of the current staff and leadership.
  2. Time commitment to manage and lead the process from idea to commissioning and occupancy is significant and requires a fully dedicated position/person/team assigned to lead and manage.
  3. The role is only needed for the duration of the project, thus a full time employee is not required unless these types of projects will become the norm for the organization.

What is the role the Owners Rep?

Lead and Manage the process through which the project will be delivered including:

  • Confirm the scale and scope of the project.
  • Develop the “Story” or the “why” for the project!
  • Develop the internal Project Champions(PJs) across the organization but specifically in the areas of:
    • o Design
    • o Construction
    • o Finance
    • o Operations and Maintenance
    • o Legal
    • o Program
    • o User Stakeholders
    • o Other areas specific to the organization or project
  • Communicate early and often about the project and the process being undertaken to the internal stakeholders.
    • Important to emphasize that their jobs nor job responsibilities are being taken from them.
  • Engaging the PJ’s and appropriate staff, identify the expertise needed to develop the procurement documents required by the organizations process and requirements.
    • RFQ
    • RFP
  • Assess the capability and availability of the owner’s staff in providing items identified in (e.).
  • Develop an RFQ/RFP for a Development Services Consultant team to provide the expertise identified in (e.)
    • It may be decided that separate RFQ/RFP’s be released for Technical, Financial and Legal. If this is decided, it is recommended that the RFQ/RFP’s released, evaluated, scored and the consultant selected at the same time.
  • Recruit through market sounding or a similar approach, groups that have the expertise identified and requested in (g).
  • Per the “process” required by the organization:
    • Release RFQ/RFP(s) for DSC and/or other teams
    • Engage respondents in pre-bid meeting
    • Accept bids
    • Interview finalists
    • Select DSC and/or other team(s).