Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode….

Welcome to the Leadership Breakthrough podcast! In this first episode, I am sharing my personal story of breakthrough. The discoveries I’ve made in my own journey have empowered me to help leaders become more self-aware, vulnerable, and committed to the success of their team, not just their own. In a phrase – what he didn’t know freed him. 

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Key Takeaways from

I wanted to share my story to let you know the impact a real breakthrough can have on your life. Here is a summary of three pieces of my story that may encourage you on your own journey. 

Choose the Moments That Define You

I shared some key moments of my life that led me to believe I had nothing to offer. Being bullied at school, not being recognized on the football team, and losing my job late in my career were all incredibly painful moments. 

But when we allow any moment of failure or success to define us, we set ourselves up to be deceived. What I realized is that above all else, I had a spiritual problem. Once I was connected to God, my true Father, and He was the one who is leading, the other pieces fell into place on their own. I still have moments where I struggle and start to drift, but I have tools to get me back on track faster. 

Rising Tides Float Boats

Now that I have experienced my own breakthrough, I am committed to helping other people and organizations discover that same transformation. I guide leaders through a serious self-assessment so they become people who are more concerned about the success of the individual team members more than their own. 

I got here by staying true to the process. I am now living a life I never dreamed was possible. Now instead of trying to be the guy that everyone else needs me to be, I have learned how to get quiet and listen for my next step. Through my work these days, I’ve learned that it involved a lot of listening and a simple willingness to help. 

Passing the Mic To You Now

Perhaps you identify parts of my story too. Maybe you are wearing a mask and holding onto a secret. Maybe you are just plagued by bitterness, being judgemental, and a lack of self-awareness. This kind of life can get very lonely and it’s tempting to find ways to escape. 

If you are curious to know what kind of breakthrough is possible for you, I would love to help you explore the possibilities. It could be some of the hardest work you’ll ever do but the freedom you will find in discovering your true identity is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. I’d love to help you see what’s possible. 

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