Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode….

In today’s episode, I’m talking with Yomi Agunbiade, CEO of Principia Engineering. Yomi has a dynamic story as he was raised on four different continents. Yomi is sharing how loss in his life has been a consistent tool for helping him quit resisting his true identity.


Learn how Yomi learned how to trade his urge to fight and do for the chance to love and be still. 

Key Takeaways to Help You Quit Resisting Your True Identity

My discussion with Yomi was full of insight you might not have considered before. Here is a summary of some of the most impactful ideas from this episode. 


Can I Get Your Attention, Please? 

It’s interesting to discover how uninterested God is in us remaining comfortable. Yomi was impressed at the lengths God has gone to get his attention. For Yomi, loss is often the means through which Yomi would turn to say, “okay, I’m listening”. 


Yomi had a unique experience of losing everything he knew about his life for forty-five minutes while he experienced a horrific side-effect to a new medication. His physical paralysis immediately allowed him to see his life disappear without actually losing his life. Though this was unbelievably scary, this clarity propelled him into commitment to living out of his true identity. 


Don’t Fight Back This Time

Is it not the most human response of all to get defensive when something is taken from us? When Yomi lost his job, he was actually walking in step with God in a lot of ways. This made his job loss even more difficult to swallow. 


And yet, God’s call for Yomi was not to defend himself, retaliate, or advocate. It was time for him to listen, and to be still. And in that quiet confidence a broken relationship with his dad was healed. 


Make Someday Today

Yomi wants you to know that union with God is not a good goal for some day down the road. It’s available to you today, and if you are brave enough to believe that, you are going to be blown away at what God can do with just a little faith. 


Yomi has so many gifts and skills that could be used for so many areas of big impact. But the ironic part was that Yomi needed to slow down and resisted the urge to fill in all the gaps. Only then was he able to understand more of his true identity that needed no apologies or explanation. God loved all of him. That same unconditional love is available to you. 

Yomi was born in Lagos, Nigeria but was raised on four of the seven continents, (Africa, Europe, North America, and South America) by his diplomat father and retired foreign service mom. He moved to San Francisco in 1984 and attended Lowell High School where he met his future wife. Yomi graduated with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from San Francisco State University.

After graduation Yomi worked for the City and County of San Francisco for eighteen years in varying engineering, project management and department head positions. Yomi is currently the CEO at Principia Engineering, Inc. in Pleasant Hill and lives in Pacifica with his wife and three children. Yomi spends his free time reading about, learning and engaging with others who see compassion as the catalyst to loving action in the

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