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In today’s episode, I’m talking with Allen McClinton. Allen is an empathetic sales and strategic business development leader and a good friend on the journey. 

Allen’s breakthrough started in college and a breakup with his first girlfriend sent him spinning and questioning much more about his life than he intended. We’re talking about how Allen learned how to enter genuine worship, how he navigated the weight of his past on his marriage, and how Allen is learning to connect with his kids in a new way under lockdown.

Key Takeaways to Help You Learn How Real Greatness Starts with Real Brokenness

Allen’s story was full of encouragement and wisdom. Here is a summary of three powerful lessons that Allen learned along his journey of breakthrough. 

You Never Know the Moment That Will Break You

In college, Allen was smart and super likeable. There was a lot about life that came easy to him. That’s why it shocked him that the agent that God would use to start his breakthrough would be a break up with a girlfriend. 

The loss of that one relationship made him realize he didn’t have a clear vision for his life after all. God used that pain to wake Allen up to even deeper parts of his heart that needed healing. It was just the beginning. 

We’re Only One Decision Away From Failure

As Allen started living out a new life that was surrendered to God, he learned how to do things like pray and worship in a way that engaged his heart, not just his head. Through becoming so connected to God, he became more humble. 

Even as a forgiven man, he remains very aware that he is always only one decision away from causing tremendous pain to himself or people he loves. That truth helps him live with purpose every day. 

Seasons of Lack Allow for More Vulnerability

It was encouraging to hear that when so many people are feeling disconnected because of the pandemic, Allen has actually become more connected. He has felt the nudge to stop rushing and start  being more present with his kids. He is learning more about what makes each of them so unique. 

Allen and his wife have also jumped on the opportunity to get to know their community more. People are tired and vulnerable. This has been a perfect opportunity to listen and empathize. 

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Connect with Allen

Allen is a former marine and empathetic sales and strategic business development leader.  He loves to hunt, build and cultivate strong relationships that lead to 10X revenue growth. He is currently leading growth initiatives for the Tesla Home Charging program. Prior to Tesla, Allen was Director of Product Management and Sales for an early-stage startup helping the company find product-market -fit and grow revenue from $0M to $20M in one year.

Allen has also worked with large enterprise companies such as Cisco Google, Amazon, and Oracle. Recently, Allen also co-founded a charter school, Legacy Academy, in East San Jose, providing early education and support to at-risk youth. He has an MBA from the Wharton School, a Master’s in Electrical Engineering from UT-Austin and a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. He is an avid runner and hiker. He is the grateful and ecstatic father and husband to his wife and three awesome kids.