Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode….

In today’s episode, I’m talking with leadership mentor and consultant, Barry Brown. 

Barry has found that the key to his breakthroughs is being willing to listen, to those in front of him, and to that sense of urgency and imagination within.

Doing so has freed him up to say yes to opportunities with confidence, even when not all the pieces of the puzzle make practical sense. If you’re looking for ways to pursue your calling in a more intentional way, Barry’s story will help you see why you’re not as far off track as you might think.

Key Takeaways to Help You Pursue Your True Calling Instead of a BluePrint for Your Life

My discussion with Barry was full of insight you might not have considered before. Here is a summary of some of the most impactful ideas from this episode. 


The Best Education Came Outside an Institution

Barry has had a lot of formal education, attended seminary, and has read a ton of books. And while he is thankful for a very strong foundation in all of the “right” things, his real education didn’t start until things got a little messy. 


In New York, Barry and his wife dove into a community that decided to turn a theatre near Times Square into a church. There they were able to use the kitchen to cook meals and prepare food bags for those who could use it. It was the place Barry realized that great teachers like Jesus don’t teach. They just sit among and listen and ask questions. 


Saying Yes to a Call with Confidence

It’s human nature to want a blueprint or the neon sign when we need direction. We don’t want to waste our lives, but sometimes it can be so difficult to identify: is this God’s will for my life? 


What Barry discovered was that he actually didn’t need every turn, every decision to be so precise. Even when certain opportunities didn’t turn out like he expected, they often led to other opportunities that were even more fruitful. 


When he was asked to come out to California to start a new community in San Francisco, he hardly had to pray about it. Why? Because Barry had been present in the opportunities he had been given. And in that moment, his heart sprang to life and he experienced a surge of creativity and imagination. Do you know how to recognize that feeling in your own soul?


The Lonely Roads Bring Clarity

Barry’s stories of breakthrough are encouraging because he is so honest about how frustrating it was to break free of the structures and systems that raised him and trust that there was in fact a different way of doing life. 


The longer Barry stayed true to his journey, the more clarity he discovered about the calling on his life. It’s never going to be productive for us to be all things for all people. When you can do the work to pursue your calling as you discover the power of your own story and your unique strengths, you’re going to be able to say yes – and no with more confidence. 


Barry Brown has been engaged in the field of individual and team transformation for the past 30 years. As both international speaker and facilitator, he works with entrepreneurs, start ups, and organizational leaders who desire to use exponential technology for maximum global impact.

By spending his 10,000 hours in listening to leaders from boardrooms to retreats, Barry builds conducive leadership environments where leaders acquire qualities and traits that trusted leadership requires. Barry has been Faculty for Singularity University;Director of Formation labs; Chair of Relationships for GEDI. He is currently a consultant and mentor to business leaders and organizations. Barry uses his Masters Degree of Divinity to generate the process of transformation for leaders.

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