Our Purpose

Addressing today’s challenges requires a willingness to consider, evaluate, develop and implement new approaches and methods that focus on how you procure and deliver your capital real estate development projects.

That’s exactly why I created The Hvidt Group.  It brings me great satisfaction to be at the forefront of meaningful change and experience a team of experts coming together to deliver a desired outcome.

I have a proven approach to assist public and private entities simplify complex capital real estate development opportunities into manageable pieces.

Simply put, I get real smart people to talk with each other to solve and address the challenges associated with the delivery of capital real estate development projects.

I am an early stage advisor who assists my clients create organizations that define and address the challenges associated with the procurement and delivery of their capital project (on time and within budget?).

I mobilize, mentor and motivate teams of highly skilled and talented people into an environment where they collaborate, communicate and commit to define and execute strategies that address the issues before them.

Through listening, understanding and partnering with my clients as well as their internal and external stakeholders I facilitate outcomes and decisions that guide them to develop and implement long-term solutions unique to the challenges of their culture, community, organization, campus and project.

Those in the Public and Private sectors are facing systemic challenges that threaten your ability to move forward and continue your mission!

Whether the challenges come from unfunded deferred maintenance, underinvestment, inefficient construction contracting practices, political uncertainty, short term decisions and impacts or challenges internal and specific to your project, something needs to change with the manner public and private facilities are procured and delivered if those that follow us are to benefit from your institution fulfilling it’s mission.

The forces within the economic, social and political environment in your community, while similar from a systemic view to other communities, require unique resources, understanding and solutions. My approach focuses on recognizing that each challenge is truly unique.

I look forward to engaging with you and assisting you to fulfill your mission.