Top Line

I’m a certified coach focused on helping leaders build healthy organizations.  I am part of the emerging movement to make organizational health a reality for leaders, companies and organizations. Organizational Health and Organizational Smarts are two of the key components for successful organizations. Both are necessary! Most organizations know how to resources and access the Smarts. The differentiator is resourcing and accessing the Health.

Healthy organizations achieve greater results, build strong loyal customer bases, and develop engaged fulfilled employees. The starting point in having a healthy organization is having healthy leadership. Healthy leadership starts with clarity on self-image, purpose, community and awareness of blind spots. It shows up in the leader’s vulnerability, behavior, how they treat others, how they respond to healthy conflict, commitment and accountability. Modeling healthy behaviors in these areas sets the tone and example for the leader’s team to carry into the organization.

If you are curious about what it is that blocking you from being the healthy leader that builds a healthy thriving organization, that blocks you from getting to the next level and want to address it and move forward in amazing, previously unforeseen ways, then I can help you.

I’ve spent the past four decades being sought out by major private and public entities to create and lead teams to impact and develop solutions for major problems and challenges.

This work has been my classroom to study what makes people healthy, effective leaders and team members who perform at the peak of their capabilities and lead others to do the same. A large part of my learning has been coming to understand what gets in the way of achieving that peak healthy level of performance.

The truth is that many people are “blocked” or “stuck” behind some belief, perception or emotion that limits their ability to move forward. I’ve been there and know what it’s like and how to move through and out to being “unstuck” to being healthy!

In my practice I ask lots of questions and then listen to what is said, how it’s said and what is not said.  I observe the body’s role in the response and acknowledge what’s happening.  This process opens the path to my client discovering the answers they’re looking for. The top line is that they get unstuck, they get healthy and experience being the leader and have the amazing life they always knew was there.

Middle Line

Battle tested on the front lines of the commercial real estate and development sector, my experience spans over 4 decades working with service providers, corporate users, development companies and as an advisor. These organizations all exhibited varying degrees of health and dysfunction. The healthy ones had minimal politics, minimal confusion, high morale, solid teamwork, high productivity and low turnover. They realized that it takes hard work anchored in courageous leadership to move a culture and they were willing to make that effort and take that risk. The leaders set the tone for these behaviors. The ones that were dysfunctional, well, they didn’t have what the healthy ones had. As a result, despite tremendous people, strategies, resources and smarts, they failed to deliver on their promise.

My learning process and road to health has been very real as I’ve been stuck at various times and was only able to address the cause by learning how to be courageous, vulnerable, authentic, trustworthy, selfless and compassionate.

I was hiding behind a mask. Suffering from imposter syndrome.  It held me hostage. It was a soul sickness! There was lots of fear.

I was telling myself a story about myself that wasn’t true but was what I believed until I got unstuck.

I had skillfully kept hidden; kept at bay some secrets! Events that were too shameful and painful to look at. But I needed to look. I was living in that place of “something is missing, but I don’t know what it is or what to do about it, but it’s keeping me from living that full life that I know is available to me.”

I needed to have an “ahha” moment, an awakening of the soul, that only came about after looking at my life and how I was living and doing significant work around the causes and conditions that led me to make the choices I was making.  When I did the work, I discovered that the source of many of those beliefs were the fountain of my fears and untrue. I acknowledged them, worked to understand their source, had the “ah ha” moment that opened me up spiritually and I GOT UNSTUCK!  I GOT HEALTHY!

Bottom Line

My zeal for leadership and organizational health has evolved out of my experience in organizational development and operations and a life changing illness that caused me to reflect on what was important and what my purpose is.

I’ve found that when time is spent investing in team members and employees; where they know they are seen and known; where they know their work matters and where they know their path to success, the organization is effective at fulfilling its stated purpose. When an organization is effective in fulfilling it’s purpose it’s employees and leadership find fulfillment in theirs.

Today, I’m living a life I could not even dream was possible back in 1994.

I believe that sustainable impact is only possible if one has a program of spiritual care and a robust spiritual life. There’s no other way to discover your real purpose.  There are many paths to this and everyone is free to find what works for them.

Life is hard, but it’s not too hard, if we do it in partnership with others. Joy comes in the morning. A smile will change a least two people’s lives.  Random acts of kindness flow from our souls.

The soul is the inner source of living water that nourishes your fortitude and courage in staying the course when life is hard!

Forgiveness is essential if one is to experience real freedom and wholehearted relationships!

I’ve been married to Sally, an awe-inspiring woman with a heart overflowing with love, grace and forgiveness since 1976.  We have two amazing children Shannon and Scott, their spouses Chris and Jane and five crazy wonderful grandchildren, Whitney, Willie, Thomas, Andrew and Virginia.

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