Becoming a Healthy Leader

✓ Understanding and becoming aware of the source of your true values, true virtues, beliefs, perspectives and emotions is at the foundation of moving you along the path to getting you “unstuck”!. The insights you gain through this work have the power to change your perceptions, reveal previously unseen areas of your Story and bring understanding to your view of yourself and how you impact your relationships and career. They have the power to open you up and launch you into the life that’s been there all along, but you never knew you could have professionally and personally.

✓ It’s important to note that my coaching and consulting is all done in an environment of confidentiality, trust, non-judgment and mutual respect. Your agenda is the only agenda! You decide the agenda for the session. I probe with challenging, curious, revealing and specific questions that allow you to see where you are “blocked”, “stuck” or “wounded” and how this impacts the major areas of your life.

✓ Each session ends with an action you commit to taking which you will be asked to be accountable for. These actions move you forward to your “ah ha” moment of breakthrough.

Looking for a Breakthrough?

There is a process to break through anything if there is a sincere willingness to do the work!
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