This is going to be a journey. They are all different, but they all have things in common.

Here’s how we get started:

✓ Trial session to evaluate our compatibility.

✓ The Starting Point to the Journey

– Examine and define values.

– Level of satisfaction with 8 different areas of your life.

– Objectives for the coaching sessions.

– Source of those positive and limiting “voices” that we all have but don’t fully understand or appreciate.

✓  Coaching!

– Initial 3-month commitment.

– Meet weekly to explore and be curious and probe about what’s occupying your life.

– what’s causing you to be “stuck” and its power to affect your relationships, effectiveness and impact.

✓ My Commitment to You

– Provide you with a safe, trustworthy environment where confidentiality is held as a primary value and your permission is paramount prior to venturing into areas that may be deemed sensitive.



Looking for a Breakthrough?

There is a process to break through anything if there is a sincere willingness to do the work!
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