Executive in Financial Services

When I went to Bill I was exploring a dramatic change in my career to a different industry.   Bill has a way of asking the right questions to highlight the areas that I enjoy and the obstacles, both mental and relational, that keep me from doing more that I enjoy.  The coaching highlighted some of the tendencies that I have operated under for years.  This awareness has opened my eyes to my weaknesses and improved my ability to get the help and support of the people around me.

Construction Company Owner

Bill’s unique ability to listen and then ask the thoughtful discerning questions is such a gift.  He gingerly leads me into new depths in my walk with Christ.  As a result, I have a more peaceful balance in my profession with clients and business partners alike. In my personal life I’ve seen a calming affect with those relationships closest to me.  I eagerly look forward to each conversation with Bill to see what he will uncover next!!

Vice President Supply Chain

Bill changes lives! He definitely changed mine and that’s why I continue to go to him week after week.

I was stuck, and continue to get stuck in business and in life. Bill is an expert at getting people un-stuck. My family and my team benefit from Bill’s work as much as I do! That says it all.  Bill coached me through my toughest challenges. I know I can take on now greater challenges with him there.  Since working with Bill, I started my real estate portfolio, received two amazing job offers and working to be a better father, husband and Christian. Great human being, super high value add.

Vice President Finance

Working with Bill has helped me improve as a manager, employee, and even as a family man.  Bill has a way of listening and asking questions that lead me to conclusions and actions that have improved my life both professionally and personally. I have learned a great deal from Bill’s counsel. I highly recommend him for your coaching needs.

Executive Vice President-National Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Firm    

I am so thankful for Bill’s Executive Coaching.  I benefitted greatly by Bill’s extraordinary combination of empathy, deep listening, insightful questioning, and keen understanding of the skills and awareness tools in Leadership formation.

NonProfit Executive and Doctoral Student

Bill has helped me to reflect on my core values and think through next steps in my career and life. I’ve learned that long commutes align with my sense of adventure, and getting outdoors is the best way to recharge my batteries. In the course of just a few months, my coaching sessions with Bill have encouraged me to complete my dissertation and secure a new job that aligns with my interests, priorities, and family life. While I have always had it in me to to do these things myself, Bill has been a invaluable advocate and accountability partner on my journey.

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