Success is a journey, not a destination - Arthur Ashe

✓ The journey to becoming a Healthy Leader stars with a session where we uncover and discover how you got in the Story that currently has you “Stuck”.  It’s the starting point of the journey. Until you know where you’re starting from its challenging to move forward, to move away from that which has you “stuck”, to have you move toward and to the Breakthrough!

✓ When you commit to being courageous, curious and doing this work on the front end, you will be positioned to explore and pursue being the healthy leader you have the ability to be going forward.

✓ Your journey will equip you with techniques to:

– Recognize the presence of the voice that limits you, holds you back, has you stuck and how to move away from it but not fear it;

– Move toward the presence of the voice that empowers you, the voice of God, your Higher Power, Board of Directors, Management Committee;

– Move to a place of balance, of being able to identify limiting perspectives that hold you back as well as those that rocket you forward;

– Move you through emotional valleys as well as emotional mountain tops without fearing the depth of the emotion be it empowering or defeating and identifying actions that will move you forward!

✓ The ultimate outcomes for you will be your ability to:

– Embrace your true identity;

– Become more resilient, authentic, transparent, vulnerable, trusting and trustworthy, empathetic, compassionate, selfless and giving;

– Take greater responsibility and accountability for communicating, collaborating, actions and commitments;

– Gain satisfaction and fulfillment from who you are being at the job rather than what you are doing at the job;

– Contribute more effectively to all your relationships with the team, the organization and at home or outside the job!

✓ The ultimate outcome for your organization will be it will now have:

– Empowered individuals and teams encouraged to be courageous, take action, commit, communicate, collaborate, be vulnerable, authentic, transparent and engaged;

– Clarity with respect to identifying and developing high potential employees;

– Clarity around improving individual and team performance;

– Clarity to identify organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities;

– Clarity around your organizational commitment to the development of each person working in your company!

Looking for a Breakthrough?

There is a process to break through anything if there is a sincere willingness to do the work!
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