The Client Spectrum

My background is in the commercial and corporate real estate development and services sector. Many of my clients work for global, regional and local real estate services providers; local, regional and global developers: local, regional and global investors; private equity investors: national, regional and local construction firms; global and start-up corporations.

Many of my client come from other sectors. They work across the spectrum of tech firms, venture capital firms, non-profit organizations and financial institutions.

They work in large corporations, from home, from coffee shops, in the field and on the road. They are married with families, newly weds just getting started and single.  They have multiple degrees and they are students of life experience.  They are retired and they are just entering the arena!

They are executives, managers, fathers, mothers, small business owners, sons, daughters, pastors, students, believers from all faiths, non-believers and anyone who leads and wants to move forward to live to purpose and be the leader they know they can be.

What they have in common is that they realize that something has them “stuck”. Something has them in a grip that keeps them from being the healthy, effective, impactful leader and partner they want to be. This condition impacts their organization, their team and all their relationships!  Something is keeping them from moving forward in their careers and lives and they want to do something about it and aren’t quite sure how to go about it.


So, they come see me!

Looking for a Breakthrough?

There is a process to break through anything if there is a sincere willingness to do the work!
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