If you’re “stuck”, there’s a way to get “unstuck” and it’s not going to take you a lifetime to do it, in fact you can get “unstuck” in a couple months if you’re willing to do the work.

Through a successful career developing and leading high functioning teams and out of necessity to get “unstuck” myself, I have developed and fine-tuned a process that worked in my life and which I’ve shared with other leaders to breakthrough and embrace the life that will have you living into your true purpose, gifts and talents. Those who have worked the very simple process will attest to this happening in their lives.

I’m Bill Hvidt and I’m an unshakeable optimist in the human potential to live into our gifts and unique genius by breaking free and through that which causes confusion, uncertainty and that sense of being “stuck”, of playing well below what’s possible, of being afflicted with Imposter Syndrome ( a clinical term for having a low self-image) and about what the next move is!  I’ve lived being stuck, of being afflicted with Imposter Syndrome and have experienced breaking through it and living into a life that I never knew was possible. That’s why I’m here, because I want to help others who are stuck experience this Breakthrough.

My gift and unique genius is in coaching and advising organizations, their leaders and talented team members to identify that which has them “stuck” and playing below their desired performance level; embracing it and defining the path to breakthrough; and experiencing what’s really possible for themselves, the organization and all the members of the team.

If you’re ready to transform your leadership and your life into something you never thought possible.  If you’re ready to transform the culture of your team and organization into something that’s unique, priceless and impactful.  If you’re ready to go deep into your own Story to make this happen, then let’s do this.  The work is intense and it’s 100% worth it.

I hope to talk with you soon and walk with you as you experience leading and partnering as a team in ways you never knew or thought possible as you become the leader and team who everyone wants to work with and be part of.