Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode….

In today’s episode, I’m talking with business advisor, Jonathan Zoucha. Jonathan is sharing his story of healing from growing up without a father in the home and chasing his dreams of swimming in the Olympics. 

Discover how Jonathan has been able to slowly surrender the track he thought he was destined for and accept the gift he has to advise businesses in their strategic decision-making. 

Key Takeaways to Help You Pursue Enduring Peace

Not So Alone After All

The reality of growing up in a single-parent household didn’t hit Jonathan until he started public school in his later elementary years. Even at nine years old, he felt the pressure to fill in gaps and be the man of the house for his mom and grandma. 

And even in these years, Jonathan’s true Father was still pursuing him. He recognized the Spirit’s voice in his own mind and heart and the way it consistently lined up with scripture. Though there was a lot of healing to be done, God was present for all of it. 


So Close, But Not Close Enough

Jonathan found a really sacred outlet for a lot of his energy as a young kid in the pool. A coach identified his talent and potential which sent him on the track of preparing for the Olympic trials. When his moment to shine came, he missed his chance by .01 of a second. 

Yet in reflecting on this journey, Jonathan says that as heartbreaking as that moment was, it really was worth it. It gave him a positive outlet and place to focus his energy. It even provided much-needed time for self-reflection. While he prided himself on training so hard, he later learned that he didn’t have to work that hard just to be loved. 


Finding Redemption in Unexpected Places

As Jonathan ached for affirmation after some missed opportunities, he found himself chasing the illusion of relationship. He felt overwhelmed and alone. All he wanted was to be able to call the shots and have a sense of control. 

In his faithfulness, God used a relationship with a special woman to steer him back to the connection he needed most – his true Father. Her family became his family as they spent hours together where his girlfriend’s parents would engage Jonathan on issues of his heart and discipleship in a way that impacted him forever. Even though the relationship itself did not last, he remains grateful for that season he shared with all of them. 


Jonathan Zoucha (Zoo-ha) is a Portland, OR native from a single-parent household. Jonathan was taught from a young age by his Grandma if you want something in life, it must be earned and the importance of our heavenly father. 

A God-given talent for swimming grabbed the attention of coaches at the local swim club and he experienced great success rising through the ranks to state records, and national recognition. The time in the pool developed a strong work ethic and he began working at numerous jobs in addition to swimming at the age of 15.  The 12 years of competitive swimming where he developed lifelong friendships and aspirations of the Olympics also led to a stint of pride and rebellion. Towards the end of high school, as the headlines were running and colleges around the country were calling, he began to put God on the sidelines while dabbling in partying and seeking love in all the wrong places.

While Jonathan lived this party life for the next four years he’s quick to acknowledge that God never left him!   In his sophomore year, he was introduced to a woman that would change his life. She showed him love and acceptance through the mess of a life he was living while her parents discussed the bible on every occasion possible. This constant reminder of God’s love, brought him back to church, where he would eventually fall to his knees in repentance and surrender to be re-baptized in Louisville, KY.

Now at almost 25, Jonathan lives.in San Francisco is now advising companies on one of the most expensive decisions a business makes, It’s office space and real estate. He has been asked to speak at an SF BisNow event and has been featured in the SF Business Times cover story, and the list goes on.

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