Why You’ve Got to Listen to This Episode….

In today’s episode, I’m diving into my first solo episode of the Leadership Breakthrough. The reason I am so passionate about helping others discover the path to breakthrough is because my own breakthrough changed everything. 


Some change can be slow and other times it happens all at once. Regardless all meaningful change starts with one step: acknowledging that change is needed in order to thrive. And that is definitely worth celebrating! 

Key Takeaways to Help You Start Celebrating Change

Here is a summary of some of the most impactful ideas from this episode. 


1 – The Way You Show Up for Others Is an Important Progress Marker

Before I took the time to do the work I needed to, it was easy for me to get caught up in a moment of frustration or impatience. Often I would become unaware of others and I would allow my reactions to take over. 


I still have plenty of moments where I feel overwhelmed by my circumstances. But the difference now is that I’m not driven by fear. I can make the connection between what I’m saying and doing and how it impacts the people around me. I’ve gained more trust in my important relationships which is so fulfilling on a daily basis. 


2 – Our Worth Is Not Measured By Our Individual Choices or Mistakes

In an effort to try to make others aware of their mistakes, this idea of “cancel culture” has flooded our relationships. People are actively seeking ways to identify ways people in influence have failed so they can punish them for it.


If we really want to avoid hurting each other again, we must be motivated by love. With that love must also come a willingness to forgive and give people the opportunity to acknowledge their need to change. For transformation to take place, we have to encourage and celebrate these moments when we recognize we are ready to head a new direction. 


3 – Your Are Less Unique Than You Think 

It is so easy to be overwhelmed and consumed by our own negative thoughts and trauma. It’s also difficult to believe that we could be any other version of ourselves than the one we are right now. 


As lonely as you feel, there are so many other people who have been stuck in just the same way you are right now. It is a human experience to feel trapped in these limiting thoughts of shame and failure. But it’s not where you have to stay. Your story and mine probably share a lot of overlap. I would love to show you how it’s possible to live a life characterized by compassion, grace, and freedom from your fear. 


If you know it’s time to change but you are unsure of your next step, I think I can help. I would love to be on your team and there to witness your own moment of breakthrough. Let’s connect so we can unlock the healing and freedom that’s available to you!