Blog #1 The Story

Blog #1 The Story


All projects need a “story” to tell about the project!  The “Story” is the unifying factor that keeps everyone, internal and external, engaged and moving forward from pre-concept through delivery.  It’s the reason the Project is being built.

It’s what’s used when you speak to those responsible for authorizing the project moving forward, in market sounding meetings and in all internal and external stakeholders interactions.

It provides consistency of message and makes sure everyone is informed of what the message is!

Here’s what the Story’s content should cover:

  • What’s driving the need for the project?
  • Why is it necessary?
  • How will it be delivered?
  • What works needs to be done to develop the content for the “Story”?
  • The “ Story” is not the Business Case!

Let’s dive a little deeper!

  1. What’s driving the need for the project?
    • What is the sense of urgency?
    • What problem/need does it solve/meet?
    • How did the problem/need come about?
  2. Why is it necessary?
    • What happens if nothing is done?
    • What does maintaining the status quo look like?
      • Schedule?
      • Financial?
      • Operations and Maintenance?
      • What is the vision for the project?
  3. How will it be delivered?
    • How would we currently deliver this project
    • Are there opportunities in the market outside the “status quo” for delivery?
    • What are the benefits to the community of the “opportunities”:
      • Schedule
      • Risk Transfer
      • Life cycle costing
    • Financial
    • Design/Construction
    • Operations &Maintenance
  4. How do you develop your “Story”?
    • What work needs to be done to develop the content for the “Story”?
      • Form internal and external team of project “Champions”!
      • Develop data, research and analysis that informs and supports #’s 1, 2 & 3 above!
      • Communicate with key internal and external constituents regarding the story, the project and analysis.
      • Accept feedback and make decision to move forward as planned or modify project and “Story” based on feedback to address any concerns.
      • Communicate on a broader level to gain internal and external feedback and support.

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