Are you living in a Story where you are stuck?

✓ You’ve achieved so much, rose to the top, but there’s still something missing.

✓ You’re highly competent, very intelligent but unable to connect and effectively lead.

✓ You’ve lost the ability and willingness to connect effectively with others, including those you lead and love.

✓ You’re bored and believe you’re ineffective in your career, your life and your relationships.

✓ Your team and organization are struggling and you’re not able to identify the cause.

✓ This is unhealthy!

Where did this Story come from?
What are you doing in this Story?
How did you get here?

✓ Most of us are unaware of the beliefs, behaviors, perspectives, values, principles, mindsets, wounds and practices that have us stuck.

✓ Most of us have successfully avoided looking at the areas of our life that have us stuck.

✓The same goes for teams and organizations.

Would you like to change that Story?
Write a new one?
You already have the answers!

✓ Breakthrough into a healthier life at a higher level, with greater impact, freedom, emotional maturity, control, and fulfilling relationships.

✓ Breakthrough to be the leader with unlimited ability to impact others, communities and issues that need solutions.

✓Breakthrough to be the leader of thriving teams and organizations where employees are fully engaged; where they know they are seen and known; where they know their work matters and where they know their path to success; where the organization is effective at fulfilling its stated purpose.

If you’re “stuck”, there’s a way to get “unstuck” and it’s not going to take you a lifetime to do it, in fact you can get “unstuck” in a couple months if you’re willing to do the work.


Through a successful career developing and leading high functioning teams and out of necessity to get “unstuck” myself, I have developed and fine-tuned a process that worked in my life and which I’ve shared with other leaders to BREAKTHROUGH and embrace the life that will have you living into your true purpose, gifts and talents. You’ll experience what’s really possible for you, your team and your organization. Those who have worked the very simple process will attest to this happening in their lives.


The path has structure, requires you to be committed and accountable.  It’s been developed to be a very personal and individual journey to your BREAKTHROUGH that will launch you into the life you never knew was possible.  To understand more about the BREAKTHROUGH program for individuals, teams and organization with no fee or obligation schedule a 30 minute virtual meeting with Bill Hvidt.


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